Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some Suggestions for SCJP takers

1] Try to give SCJP from Java 5 (SCJP 310-055)

2] If you are feeling that Generics/ Collection is tough then please read Java Complete Reference Book

3] I faced some difficulty while taking the exam bcz of drag and drop questions. Actually the problem is in Exam software. It was not working properly. I was like playing game . So be careful about those questions.

4] For Garbage collection question you must do paper work. Then and only then you will get 100% in these questions.

e.g. MyClass obj1 = new MyClass();
then drow like this...
new Myclass1 ---------obj1
and if I say obj1=null then do this....
new Myclass1 -------------obj1
Then you can guess that one object has been garbage collected. (new Class()) And it will take hardly 10 to 15 sec to draw isn't it?

5] One more thing that many of you doesn't know we can return array from method like this also........keep in mind ..
public int getArr() []
return new int[]{1,2};

6] I got lots questions on generics and I got 100% in it be prepared.

7] Be a detective ....go through each and every can do this by moving mouse pointer on each line....

8] Go through each and every objectives....because you may feel that this is the right answer but there may be another answer which is better than this....
e.g a] Compiles fine
b] does not compile
c] throws exception
d] error at line number...
e] Compiles with warnings . -------right answer

9] K&B book is enough but for Generics first read Complete Reference and then read K&B.
10 ] Be confident about program flow specially with Exception Handling programs. And don't worry if you are newcomer it doesn't matter.

And I will be always there to help you .

Do write to me in case of any more tips :

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